In the grand scheme of financial advisor marketing, the recent access to client testimonials might be the most important strategy most advisors aren’t using.

Since the Securities and Exchange Commission opened the gates for testimonials in late 2022, advisors have been somewhat slow to implement them.  Whether that’s not knowing how to generate them, lack of clarity on how to use them, or compliance challenges, one thing we are certain of is that it’s a missed opportunity.

On the contrary, we’ve worked with a few advisors that have been getting creative with the client testimonials they’ve accumulated, finding effective ways to market them and take advantage of the feedback.

Here are five top ways advisors are leveraging testimonials to enhance their outreach:

Website Homepage Showcase

Advisors are prominently featuring client testimonials on their website homepages, often in a dynamic carousel format. These testimonials serve as social proof of their expertise and trustworthiness, encouraging visitors to explore further. Each testimonial typically links to a dedicated page or section containing a comprehensive list of client feedback and endorsements.

Office Signage Word Clouds

In physical office spaces, advisors are creatively displaying word clouds generated from the most impactful words or phrases extracted from client testimonials. These visually striking displays not only catch the attention of visitors but also convey the essence of the positive experiences shared by clients. Word clouds serve as a constant reminder of the value advisors bring to their clientele.

Client Welcome Packets

As part of their client onboarding process, advisors are including one-page handouts listing a selection of testimonials in client welcome packets. These personalized compilations of feedback provide new clients with reassurance and confidence in their decision to work with the advisor. By showcasing the successes and satisfaction of existing clients, advisors lay the foundation for building strong relationships with newcomers.

Weekly Social Media Highlights

Advisors are maintaining a consistent presence on social media platforms by regularly sharing testimonials as part of their content strategy. Whether through text-based posts, images, or short videos, advisors highlight a different client testimonial each week, accompanied by a brief commentary or endorsement. This ongoing engagement not only reinforces their credibility but also fosters a sense of community among their online followers.

Featured Client Video Testimonials

Additionally, advisors are embracing the power of video testimonials, recognizing their ability to convey authenticity and emotion effectively. Platforms like VocalVideo simplify the process of collecting, managing, and editing video testimonials, making it easier for advisors to incorporate this compelling content into their marketing efforts.

Now, before you go wild with testimonials, a word of caution: always consult with your marketing compliance team to ensure you’re acting within regulations. After all, even the most fabulous testimonials need to follow the guidelines. By navigating these rules responsibly, advisors can continue to leverage client stories as powerful tools for building trust and attracting new business.

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