From our experience working with financial advisors, navigating how to approach video marketing can be as complex as predicting market trends.

While the benefits are clear, so are the concerns. Approximately 30% of advisors say they lack the time to create video content, while another 28% of people don’t know even know where to start.

With that, let’s share four tips that could help anyone that is starting to experiment with a video strategy.

Know Your Audience

Understand the preferences of your audience when consuming video content. Opt for shorter, digestible videos that provide valuable insights or prompts for further discussion. At this point, you may want to avoid lengthy explanations and strive for an approachable tone to initiate a sense of conversation with viewers.

Understand What Makes a Good Video

You need to start by recognizing that the medium of video itself carries a message. Keep videos concise, immediately engaging, and focused on delivering key information. Also, prioritize audio and visual quality to ensure a professional presentation and consider incorporating closed captioning for accessibility.

Think but Don’t Overthink

The largest hurdle for many advisors is they can’t avoid falling into analysis paralysis. You want to strive for a balance between thoughtful execution and avoiding obsessive perfectionism. Maintain a sense of spontaneity in video content creation, avoiding excessive editing and tweaking by committee. While sloppy execution is unacceptable, perfection should not hinder your ability to create anything at all.

Keep it Short with a Strong 3-Second Hook

Human beings have a 6 second attention span (this is scientifically proven). You want to capture viewers’ attention immediately with a compelling hook within the first three seconds of the video. Avoid unnecessary details and focus on delivering impactful content that resonates with your audience.

We hope this helps! If you have video questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our video marketing team.