Navigating the world of content creation can be a complex ask for financial advisors, particularly when deciding what resonates most with your audience. Over the years working with financial firms, teams and advisors, we’ve learned that it’s about embracing five key pillars that consistently engage your current clients, prospects, and anyone interested in the expertise you bring as a financial advisor.

Before you go any further working on your 2024 content, make sure you run anything you create through this test.

Start with these five content pillars:

Know. Like. Trust. Prove. Understand

If your content doesn’t match one of these pillars, you may want to rethink it. Alternatively, if your content is focused too much on one of these over the other, you may need to create some balance.

Lets’ break down what is included in each.

“Know” Pillar

Content Focus: Clearly communicate who you are and what services you offer.

Strategy: Remind your audience about your identity, services, and location.

Examples: Introductory content, advertisements, and consistent email marketing fall under this category.

“Like” Pillar

Content Focus: Showcase your personality, beliefs, and interests to foster a connection.

Strategy: Reveal the person behind the professional by sharing non-work-related aspects like charities you support, team activities, and personal interests.

Examples: Content beyond your services that provides insights into your personality and values.

“Trust” Pillar

Content Focus: Establish yourself as a center of influence and an expert in your field.

Strategy: Share financial advice, technical information, and real-time updates relevant to your clients and community.

Examples: Local awards, industry designations, and content addressing current financial trends contribute to building trust.

“Prove” Pillar

Content Focus: Let your clients speak for your credibility through testimonials and success stories.

Strategy: Integrate client testimonials and success stories into your content to offer third-party perspectives on your expertise.

Examples: Client testimonials, featured success stories, and endorsements contribute to building proof.

“Understand” Pillar

Content Focus: Address the pain points and concerns of your clients.

Strategy: Tailor your content to resonate with the common questions, concerns, and goals of your target audience.

Examples: Craft content that empathizes with client experiences, addressing their fears, uncertainties, and goals.

Your content creation strategy should incorporate a balance of these five pillars. When planning your monthly content calendar, aim to touch upon each pillar, creating a diverse and comprehensive marketing approach that speaks to your audience on multiple levels.

By embracing these pillars, you not only reinforce your current relationships but also attract and retain clients by addressing their needs and building a connection beyond financial transactions.

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